Battlefield 3 Double XP Event Announcement

By Andrew Ogley, 5 years ago
Premium members of DICE's hugely successful FPS title Battlefield 3 will be pleased to hear that there is another exclusive event heading their way this weekend.

As means of celebrating the early release this week of the new "End Game" DLC to premium members, there will be a double XP event running for 72 hours this coming weekend. The announcement was made via the Battlefield 3 calendar shown below. For those struggling to see it clearly we've also included the quoted text.

Double XP event announcement

Get ready for 72 hours worth of Premium exclusive double XP the first weekend when all Premium members can play End Game.

Your sum total for every round will be effectively doubled, visible at the End of Round screen. This applies to any map and any mode on Ranked servers (not just in End Game). Enjoy!

Sample start times (event runs for 72 hours total):
Los Angeles 02:00 March 15
Stockholm 10:00 March 15
Tokyo 18:00 March 5
For more details of the DLC pack itself, we have a number of news stories and screenshots here.

Sadly, those without premium membership will have to wait another two weeks for the general release of the DLC which hits the marketplace on March 26th.
Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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