Defiance Multiplayer Beta Event Announced

By Andrew Ogley, 5 years ago
If the recent trailer for the upcoming title Defiance has piqued your curiosity, you might be pleased to hear that developer Trion Worlds will be launching an upcoming beta event for Xbox 360 players.

Although the exact date and entry details won't be published until next week, we still have some information about what the beta will contain with the publisher announcing the following information:

Participants in Advanced Mission Beta 3 will get to play as Ark Hunters. Genetically enhanced with unique abilities and armed to the hilt with a variety of unique alien and human weaponry boasting thousands of upgrade options, Ark Hunters are fearless operatives who scour the Earth competing for alien technology against all odds for vast rewards.

The final beta, which is not representative of the final game, will let players explore the Mt. Tam and Madera regions with co-op battles on Angel Island and the Cronkhite Bunker. For Ark Hunters looking to test their might in some competitive multiplayer action, the Freight yard and Observatory will provide opportunities to prove themselves worthy of Von Bach Industries’ recruitment.
A further bit of good news for fans is that an additional pre-order bonus has been revealed. Along with the previously announced bonus items, players can also expect to be owners of a red Dodge Challenger car. From the screenshot, this is no ordinary Challenger, and the developers promise that this will be the fastest car in the game. Furthermore, players participating in the beta will be able to test drive it first by competing in the Dodge time trial challenge located in Madera.

New Pre-Order Bonus

Defiance remains on schedule for release on April 2nd in North America, and April 5th in Europe.
Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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