Gunstringer: Dead Man Running Gets an Update

By litepink,
A new update has been released for The Gunstringer: Dead Man Running (Win 8), adding a host of new gameplay items and app fixes. For those familiar with the game, you’d know that the game tends to be buggy or crash in certain situations. Others have had issues with the screen starting up blank or in regards to issuing and receiving challenges.

Another common complaint was the clunky store front. The list of updates below mentions several of the interface changes in the store that should make your time spent there quicker and easier. There’s also a host of new gameplay additions as well.

-New power-up! The Lucky Horeshoe automatically grabs coins as you run past!
-New power-ups! The 5 and 10 second Boosts gives the Gunstringer super speed for a short time!
-New obstacle! Watch out for pits!
-Completely redesigned Store allowing for easy browsing.
-Extra Lives can now be bought in packs of 5, 10 and 20.
-General bug fixes and improvements to gameplay have been implemented.
Early community response suggests that many of the bugs present in earlier versions of the game have now been amended, making their infinite jog more pleasant. You can find Gunstringer: Dead Man Running here on the Windows 8 app marketplace.

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