Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Gameplay Trailer

By Lexley Ford, 5 years ago
Last week we brought you screens, and a new teaser trailer for Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and also mentioned that a full reveal trailer would follow. Ubisoft has now revealed that first promised gameplay trailer along with a cornucopia of new images and details.

CoJG Canyon Ambush

Canyon Ambush
In the Wild West, travelling unarmed through the narrow Canyon on a stagecoach meant signing your own death warrant. Bloodthirsty outlaws and robbers who set camp waiting for their prey would attack you from on high at the earliest opportunity. They learned this trick from the Apaches.
CoJG Colt Dueling

Colt Dueling
The finest gunslingers of the West could use two revolvers with accuracy whether in desperate moments of self-defense or in committing acts of calculated mayhem. Two guns: twice as many bullets!
CoJG Goldmine

The Gold Rush was undoubtedly one of the most feverish periods of the Wild West. Gold seeking Forty-Niners often used dynamite and explosive barrels full of gunpowder to carve through the rock as fast as possible. Blinded by their hunger for easy riches, they often lost much more than their sight when things went wrong. All it takes is one tiny spark and Boom!
CoJG Sawmill

Sawmills were a perfect place for hiding out. The surrounding forest made it easy for the most wanted criminals to travel to and fro incognito. Prepare yourself for a dangerous game of cat and mouse before getting what you came for.
CoJG Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid
Face down the West’s most notorious gunslingers such as Billy the Kid, Jesse James and Pat Garrett and live the untold stories behind the legends.
CoJG Steamboat

The Steamboat
Bob: “How'd a damn steamboat end up in the swamps?”
Silas: “Guess it floated off during the flood of '89… But what difference does it make? It’s more fort than steamboat… with a goddamn army on board!”
We also have two pieces of concept art to share with you of notorious gunslingers, John Wesley Hardin and Billy the Kid, laden with additional information on these two historical figures.



Call of Juarez Gunslinger does not currently have a confirmed release date, though Ubisoft is still citing a first quarter 2013 release window.
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