Injustice: GAU Battle Arena Quarter-Finals

By Chewie, 5 years ago
After eight epic battles over four weeks, the Battle Arena tournament being used to promote NetherRealms' upcoming DC Comics based beat-em-up, Injustice: Gods Among Us, now enter the quarter-final rounds. These four fights, between eight of the biggest names in comics, will determine who moves on to the semi-finals in a couple of weeks.

In the first quarter-final, the Dark Knight shows he has no qualms tazing a woman in the neck and running her over with his car; if that woman is a 6' tall Amazon with a sword, a whip and a bit of a God(dess) Complex. Will Wonder Woman have the home advantage fighting in Themyscira or will Batman live long enough to see himself become the victor?

A good joke is all about timing. Someone forgot to tell that to The Flash though, as he speeds his way into his battle with The Joker at Iron Heights Penitentiary and struggles to nail the punchline. You'd think The Joker, the only remaining villain in the tournament, would appreciate someone who flashes for a living, but he still fights dirty against his speedy opponent.

Will Aquaman douse the flames of Green Lantern in the third quarter-final at Superman's pad, the Fortress of Solitude? Or will the Emerald Knight call on his fellow Lanterns to send the King of Atlantis to a watery end?

The Green Arrow is really hoping he remembered to pack his Kryptonite-tipped arrows as he faces the Man of Steel in the final match-up at a Ferris Aircraft base. This is the shortest round of all of the fights so far. No prizes for guessing who emerges the victor and seems to be suffering from a severe case of Superiority Complex at the end.

Go here to see all our previous coverage for the game including the other rounds of the tournament so far, and go to the game's official site to cast your vote on upcoming battles.

As well as these Battle Arena videos, another video has been released that reveals a new playable character on the already impressive roster for the game. In the video, Catwoman takes on the new character, the half-demon, dimension-hopping superheroine, Raven, in Gotham. Will Catwoman show her opponent who usually wins in the fight of cat versus bird or will Raven have Selina Kyle screaming 'Nevermore'?

Injustice: Gods Among Us is due for release on April 16th for North America and April 19th for the rest of the world.
Written by Chewie
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