Indie Games Spotlight for March 17th, 2013

By mancide, 5 years ago
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A pure horror experience in your Xbox! Find the 8 hidden clues in an unsettling forest, and avoid being hunted by a supernatural being lurking in the shadows. Will you manage to uncover the truth about the mysterious events?

RELEASE DATE: 12/14/2012
DEVELOPER: Milkstone Studios S.L.
GENRE: Other

Offline players 1
Dolby Digital
White Noise puts you in a dark area with only your flashlight and your wits to keep you alive. In an area where mysterious disappearance have plagued the populace, you and your paranormal investigator buddy head out to see what is causing this strange phenomenon.

While your partner is out placing recording devices around the area, you are back at the hotel starting your report on your trusty typewriter. Predictably, your partner fails to return before dark, so obviously your only course of action is to arm yourself with a flashlight and go searching for him by yourself. As you explore the area you encounter strange statues, as well as the recording devices your partner had set out. Soon it becomes obvious you are not alone out here, and only your feet and your flashlight can keep you alive.

Fans of survival horror games will enjoy this title, and for only 80 MSP you an add this title to your Xbox LIVE Indie Games collection and freak your significant other out.

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