Alan Wake: Bright Falls Prequel

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
As promised by Microsoft the first two live action Alan Wake prequels are available now on the Xbox LIVE Dashboard for Gold members. The videos become available to Silver members as of tomorrow (April 26th), and beyond that can be picked up at as of April 27th.

Each subsequent week will see a new video released up until May 17th when the 'shocking conclusion' will be revealed over the course of two episodes.

All videos are filmed on location in Oregon and are directed by Philip Van, winner of numerous awards for short films and direction. With Van on board Microsoft are promising an 'edge of your seat' experience and an 'eerie' atmosphere which they liken to that of TV show, Twin Peaks.

Of course we've been waiting a long time now for Alan Wake to make it's appearance on the Xbox 360, but this should help tie fans over until release. Can't remember when that is? It's May 14th for Europe, 18th for America and 27th for Japan.

Pre-orders can of course be arranged, and Microsoft have detailed pre-order packs as including avatar gear in the form of an "“I Am Awake” T-shirt and an Xbox LIVE “Bright Falls” theme based on the game".

It's quite a different approach to paving the way to a game launch, and initial reactions to Bright Falls seem to indicate it's as 'eerie' and downright weird as the team behind it have promised.