BattleBlock Theatre Reveals Furbottom's Features

By Andrew Ogley, 5 years ago
A short while back we revealed that the upcoming arcade title BattleBlock Theater would come complete with a level editor with which players could create and share their own levels. Initially it was implied that this would just be between friends, however it seems that it might be a little more than just that.

Furbottom's Features Screens

Today we have additional details of how those levels will actually make their way in to the game. Developer, The Behemoth, has revealed that they will handpick levels created by players and add them to playlists which can be accessed directly via the in-game menu item entitled "Furbottom's Features". Three types of playlists will be featured at all times, Solo Adventure playlist, Co-Op Adventure playlist, and Arena playlist.

Furbottom's Features Screens

Furthermore, to encourage players to venture into the user-created playlists and levels, the developer promises to tweak them to make them a little more rewarding as the images below demonstrate:
Furbottom's Features Screens

Furbottom's Features Screens

The thought process behind this is best left to the developers to explain:
And while the strawberries normally found in user-made levels are a whole lot juicier, only gems can be spent in the BattleBlock Theater Gift Shop; just try using a strawberry on a vending machine and you’ll see why.
So! Players who play Featured levels will get richer, and players who make levels that make players richer will be loved for making them rich. It’s a win win!
You'll be able to get your creative juices flowing when BattleBlock Theater hits Xbox LIVE Arcade on April 3rd, costing 1200 MSP
Andrew Ogley
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