Secret Ponchos Reveal Trailer With Concept Art

By Graymouse 1, 5 years ago
Switchblade Monkeys are a new independent development team with big ambitions, which are clearly shown with their debut game Secret Ponchos. To help you better understand what is meant by big ambitions, continue reading the below statements from the developer.

screenshot 0/20/2013

Secret Ponchos, which blurs the line between gameplay genres and conventions and creates its own original feel for multiplayer combat that pits players against each other in intense Wild West battle. Engage in one-on-one duels or all-out gunfights as one of several unique and customizable outlaws – each with his or her own strengths, weapon types, special moves and play styles – in a game that rewards tactical awareness, precision timing and player skill. Add in melee attacks, an original line-of-sight mechanic, cover fire, destructible cover objects and more, and Secret Ponchos is a game with exceptional depth.

Secret Ponchos takes place in a dramatic Wild West setting, full of tension, stylization and attitude reflective of a graphic-novel. In a town crawling with bandits, murderers and bounty hunters you are an outlaw with a bounty on your head and everyone is gunning for you. In order to survive you must be the best and to gain notoriety you must defeat your opponents–claiming their achievements as your own. How many you kill and the rewards you collect define your legacy.


Secret Ponchos is an online combat game. Players battle against each other for notoriety and reputation. These duels are recorded into your character’s legacy. Players can compete in one-vs-one duels, engage in western style gang fights, or enter the fray with the Free-For-All mode. Upon entering the game, players create and customize their own outlaw(s) which can then be upgraded (both abilities and appearance) as they gain reputation points.

The game-play aggressively crosses genre boundaries, creating a distinctive and innovative feel. It brings together the strategic elements of overhead camera games, the team dynamics & matchmaking systems of 1st person shooters and the responsiveness of a fighting game.
Now that you got a little bit of a background information on what this game is about let us next meet the outlaws.

The Killer:
Screenshot 03/20/2013

The Killer

Weapon 1: Revolver

Weapon 2: Hunter's Knife

The Killer is a notorious high stakes outlaw. While most criminals work in gangs, The Killer works on his own. He takes great pride in having a large bounty on his head, committing high profile crimes to raise the stakes. Rumoured to enjoy turning predators to prey, he intentionally lures lawmen / bounty hunters to collect the bounty on his head. Often these hunters are found gunned down, with his wanted poster pinned to their corpse with one of his signature Hunters' Knives.
Screenshot 03/20/2013


Weapon 1: Gatling Gun

Weapon 2: Molotov

Gordo Hombre is a vile, vicious criminal, who takes what he wants when he wants it. He revels in the misfortune of others and has a blatant disregard for the law. He wants Lonetree to be under the rule of his corrupt gang of bandits.
Kid Red:
Screenshot 03/20/2013

Kid Red

Weapon 1: Dual Pistols

Weapon 2: Dynamite

Kid Red was a simple ranch hand, orphaned when his family fell prey to the violence of the wild west. In his pistols he found a new life and has become a renowned gunslinger, feared in his own right. Now with a bounty on his head, Kid Red finds himself in a kill-or-be-killed position, stopping anyone who tries to collect. He’s not named for the vibrant hair on his head, but the blood spilt by his hand.
The Deserter:
Screenshot 03/20/2013

The Deserter

Weapon 1: Hunter's Rifle

Weapon 2: Medkit

After discovering corruption at the highest level of his regiment, he was sent by his commanders into a battle he wouldn't survive. They greatly underestimated him. With a combination of incredible skill and iron will, he slaughtered every last one of his attackers only to become an enemy of the system he once fought for.
Phantom Poncho
Screenshot 03/20/2013

Phantom Poncho

Weapon 1: Shotgun

Weapon 2: Bullwhip

There have been many legends of the “Phantom Poncho". It is rumoured that he is a bounty hunter from somewhere in Mexico who is compelled to gun down notorious gunslingers and outlaws. He wears a concealing poncho and keeps his face hidden with ‘Day of the Dead’ face paint; his demeanour is mysterious and he is greatly feared.
Since you are now properly acquainted with ruthless outlaws, take a look at the concept art, screenshots, and the reveal video below.

screenshot 0/20/2013

screenshot 0/20/2013

screenshot 0/20/2013

Secret Ponchos will be released for XBLA sometime in 2013. Once we have a more concrete date we will be sure to pass the word on to the TA community.