Unglob Joins Guardians of Middle-Earth

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
When the content for the Season Pass in Guardians of Middle-earth ended, publisher Warner Bros. promised more downloadable content would follow. Since then, the game saw another Guardian join the team last week. This week sees the addition of the first non-humanoid character to join the Guardians -- meet Unglob.

Unglob’s Bio:
Similar to the powerful spider Shelob, Unglob is a monstrous creature who broke away from other members of Ungoliant's brood to inhabit Mirkwood. She’s on a path to become an immensely powerful spider, perhaps even more so than Shelob, and is fiercely aggressive by nature. Relying on brute strength and speed to take down foes, Unglob’s dependence on stealth is nonexistent.

Unglob’s Gameplay Abilities:
Stick: Damages, blinds and pulls enemies closer
Hunt: Increases own movement speed, clears controlling affect and is briefly invulnerable
Drain: Persistent area that slows and damages
Bite: Lifesteal, damages and stuns enemy

Unglob’s Class:
• Striker
20/3/13 Unglob

Purchasing the content will also award players with a new bonus three-lane map. Where best to pit the newest Guardian than amongst her own kin in the forest of Mirkwood. Take a look at both the character and map in action:

"Unglob - Playable Guardian" costs 160 MSP and can be downloaded from here.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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