Split/Second Demo Available Now!

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
I think by now we're all aware of the upcoming racer from Blackrock Studios, Split/Second. It's drawn quite a following based up the chaotic and frenzied gameplay advertised in various videos around the web.

The developer explains Split/Second thus;

You have made the cut to join a group of elite drivers chosen to participate in the global broadcast event known as Split/Second. Racing through a city created specifically for destruction, your goal is to become the season champ where fame, fortune and glory await. But first, you must survive a grueling 24-episode season of races in a variety of explosive locations to crush the competition and become the champion. When speed is not enough, the city is your weapon.
The latest news to come from the game director Nick Baynes was that of an exclusive Xbox 360 demo. He mused it would be available on the Market place at some point this week, but we can state it is available now!

Microsoft details the item as follows;

Split/Second is an intense arcade racing game set within the universe of a mega-budget, prime-time reality TV show. Contestants race to be the 1st across the finish line in a made-for-TV city built for destruction, with the ultimate goal of becoming the season champion. The city is rigged to blow and you’re in control of the action – bridges will fall, buildings will be reduced to clouds of dust and cars blown to pieces - devastating explosions will decimate your rivals and rip apart the track, creating new routes and challenging obstacles. Explosive stunts, demolition and balls-out racing thrills combine to create the ultimate high-octane racing experience! Buckle up...it’s about to get explosive out there!
Head on over to the Marketplace and queue it up here: http://marketplace.xbox.com/games/offers/0ddf0001-0000-4000-...

The full game releases in Europe May 21st and America May 18th.
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