Defiance Ark Hunter Chronicles Episode Five

By hankford, 5 years ago
Who doesn't love a good video series to promote an upcoming game? The people over at Trion Worlds sure hope you do, as they've been busily working on and releasing videos for the upcoming shooter, Defiance, for some time now. Among them is the multi-part "Ark Hunter Chronicles" series. Thus far, we've seen the following: Episode one - "New Freedom", Episode two - "Born to Hunt", Episode three - "Rain of Death", and Episode four - "All in Your Head".

Today marks the release of the fifth entry in the series, entitled "Risk vs. Reward".

In addition to new video goodness, we also have some news regarding the previously announced multiplayer beta. At the time of the publication of that article, dates for the beta had not been set. Now, we have them for you:

Advance Mission BETA 3 Dates:
Xbox 360 Global: March 22nd 8:00am PT – March 27th 8:00am PT
Defiance will be released on April 2nd in North America, and April 5th in Europe.

Thanks to all the community members who sent this one in!