New Star Trek Trailer Highlights the Gorn

By hankford, 5 years ago
If we can tell anything from the upcoming Star Trek video game, it's that it at least seems that the developers are working hard to make the game distinct in its own right, as opposed to merely existing in the shadow of the upcoming movie.

Last week, we were introduced to a new pair of Vulcans whom will appear in the game. This week, we get a look at the Gorn. While they have been referenced in Star Trek lore previously, they have not often been seen on screen, appearing most notably in the TV series’ first-season episode “Arena".

That all is set to change when the newest Star Trek game is released, however, as these lizard-like creature will play a significant role.

Star Trek is due to be released on April 23rd for North America and April 26th for Europe and Australasia. For details on the UK Limited Edition, head here. For pre-order information, check out this link.