Walter Moves to Next-Gen, But Studio is in Limbo

By litepink, 5 years ago
Blossom Minds' Walter premiered with a debut trailer this past June with aspirations to release on XBLA. The game follows a blob of water and his journey to save the destruction of our natural environment. The premise showed promise with its unique art style, protagonist, and setting.

Nothing new has come from the game since then, until the bomb the developers have dropped on us now. The development of Walter evolved from a Xbox 360 game to that of next-gen title (PS4 and "durango" as they put it), thanks to a "solid opportunity" from an unnamed publisher. The deal wasn't quite set in stone yet but the studio shifted gears and did some rewriting and upgrading to accommodate the change. Right before the deal was to be finalized the publisher fell through for "external reasons and financial issues."


Where does this leave Blossom Minds and Walter? The studio released a statement saying while they still very much believe in their game, they're going to be in a tough place pretty quick without the financial support of a publisher. If nothing materializes in the next few days, the studio will be forced to be put on hold.

There isn't much to go off quite yet for Walter, but the idea is certainly different and unique, with a message that's right out there on the surface. If Blossom Minds finds a publisher sometime soon, you can expect Walter to arrive on next-gen platforms including Microsoft's offering.