XBLA Wednesday: April 28th, 2010

By Aeris Gainzbrah, 8 years ago
This week on LIVE Arcade:

Tecmo Bowl Throwback - 800 MSP (US & Canada Only)

The legend is back! Tecmo Bowl® Throwback is a remake of the classic Tecmo Super Bowl, with the same rules and fast-paced gameplay as the original, but with the option to play it in brand new high-definition 3-D graphics. Switch it back to old school in real time with the same graphics and music from back in the day. Tecmo Bowl Throwback brings back the gameplay you loved, and stays true to the Tecmo Super Bowl legacy.

Pick your team
: Play as any of the 32 teams with customizable team names and rosters in full seasons, and compare your season stats with other players on the online leaderboards.
Battle your buddies: Battle it out with your friends in local multiplayer and kick off a game in Preseason, Season, or Pro Bowl modes.
Bring your game to Xbox LIVE: For the ultimate challenge, go online and match your skills against other players in online multiplayer matches!
And on top of that, we finally get some new additions to Game Room, these are: Basketball, Megamania, Night Stalker, Pitfall!, Rack ‘Em Up, Realsports Volleyball and Super Breakout.

These will be up for download on Wednesday.

UPDATE - Tecmo Bowl Throwback is actually only available for the US and Canada, and The Game Room titles have been delayed until further notice. Boo hiss boo!