Indie Games Spotlight for March 24th, 2013

By mancide, 5 years ago
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Shark Attack Deathmatch captures the awesome thrill of an underwater multi-player combat like no other game. Experience the beauty of the ocean depths as well as the sheer terror and savagery of Great White sharks as you take on your friends!

RELEASE DATE: 11/9/2012
DEVELOPER: Lighthouse Games Studio
GENRE: Shooter

Offline players 1
Dolby Digital

Online multiplayer 2 - 4
Shark Attack is an interesting take on the first-person shooter death-match genre. The game is at a slower pace, because it is taking place underwater. You have health pick-ups, as well as oxygen pick-ups to keep track of to keep one step ahead of the competition. Additionally, you have sharks to contend with, even in the multiplayer games.

With several single-player survival modes, this game gives you an abundance of options to play. You even have a "zombie sharks" survival mode. This game is extremely polished. The small details like your screen being obscured in areas where your diving mask would obscure your vision in real life, the sunlight cutting through the water, and even the detail of the sharks themselves brings this game to the top of the Indie Games pile in looks alone.

The game-play is top notch as well. The slow pacing of being underwater brings an extra level of tension I haven't experienced in a death-match game in quite some time. The addition of sharks roaming around for that "scent of blood" keeps your head on a swivel. This is definitely a game everyone should try out, and at only 80 MSP should find it's way into a large number of Indie Games collections.

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