Borderlands 2 Increases Level Cap

By SgtDigglesworth, 5 years ago
Within the cosplay filled rooms and bleepity-bloop sounds coming from the speakers showcasing all of the wonderous new titles that lurk on the horizon, panels of some of video games most beloved heroes were divulging exciting information regarding all of their glorious projects. Such is the case for Gearbox Software and Borderlands 2.

Many of you Vault Hunters out there have been craving to head back into Pandora with recklass abandon, yet have had an underlying burn that could only be fixed by, wait for it, that lovely sound that purrs through your eardrums when you hear 'level increase'.

In a panel today, Gearbox announced that Borderlands 2 will receive a level cap increase to 61; that's up 11 from the original level cap of 50. The level increase will be free for season pass holders and that's not all. A new game mode titled 'Ultimate Vault Hunter' will be added and made available for free to anyone. You can access the new game mode once you have beaten the game on 'True Vault Hunter' and have reached level 50.

There is more you say? Why yes. A new weapon level will also be added to the mix titled 'Pearlescent', which will be the rarest weapons made available in the game.

That was not the only news however from this esteemed panel of developers, Gearbox also announced there will be a new playable character named, Kreig.

BL 2 March 24th

Krieg is a nasty, psychotic, axe-wielding maniac who will have new skill trees, and will feature a swimmingly named action skill called, Blood Axe Rampage. The new action-skill will allow Kreig to enter into the middle of enemies and swing away like the Blue Jays against Halladay and with every succesful and brutal axe chop, Krieg will gain health off of his limbless foes.

Here is the trailer that will help introduce this loveable maniac.

On April 2nd fans will be able to enjoy a new level increase, the new mode and the new weapon level for an estimated 400 MSP, but it is free for season pass holders.

Krieg is another story as he is not included with the season pass, and he will run gamers 800 MSP, but does not have a confirmed release date as of yet. We will be sure to update as soon as a release date is announced.
Credit for this story goes to oneluckybullet