Buy Singularity, Get Prototype Free!

By zigs00, 8 years ago
So chaps and lady-chaps, you read DavieMarshall's news post about Singularity last week (Singularity Coming June 29th), yes? But maybe need a bit more incentive to buy the game?

How about this then: Activision have announced that if you purchase Singularity on the 360, you'll get a bit of paper that you can then mail in for a free - yes, that's right, free - copy of Prototype (Xbox 360)!

The offer will only be available for a limited time, though it hasn't yet been specified how limited. But if it was solely a pre-order bonus, they would have specified that, so chances are that it might not be too elusive and stay open for new purchases of the game for a while after release. Hopefully.

A little annoyingly, Activision haven't stated whether this is a worldwide offer, or whether it'll just be exclusive to certain countries, so could everyone please cross their fingers and think positive thoughts? Hopefully we'll all be able to cash in on the freebie, would be a shame if anyone was hornswoggled out of this great offer. Unfortunately, it does appear that it might be US only...

Well that failed, guys. Activision's Community Manager Dan Amrich has confirmed that this offer is only good in the United States. Sorry if I got your hopes up, but c'est la vie.

Also released with this announcement was a brand new stunning CG trailer, entitled "Cause and Affect." Check the external link below to witness some of Nate's awesome tomfoolery and hijinx as he manipulates time and avoids death.

I feel that those of you who have an anti-Activision outlook should take on this offer especially. With purchases of a brand new Activision-funded IP, you can get a free copy of a 2009 Activision-funded IP. That is an insanely good deal, and the kind of thing you can only really offer if you're a huge, successful publisher like Acti.

Singularity is still on track for a June 29th release date, just so you know!