GTA V Screens Cover The Weather

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
Quite some time has passed since we've seen anything from Rockstar Games' highly popular upcoming title, Grand Theft Auto V. Before unsurpisingly pushing the game back from "Spring 2013", Rockstar treated us to some screens just before Christmas last year, but since then, we've not been able to get a GTA V fix for a few months now!

A new set of screens have been release today to calm eager fans nerves, with more stunning visuals being showcased. The weather has always been a small factor in past GTA games, but by the look of the conditions in these new screens, Rockstar are most certainly raising the bar on the details again for this instalment of the hugely successful series. Despite how the weather may be, the characters and a few vehicles can still be seen venturing through the upcoming city and even diving deep into the waters of GTA V too!

27/03/13 - GTA V Screens 01

27/03/13 - GTA V Screens 2

27/03/13 - GTA V Screens 3

27/03/13 - GTA V Screens 4

27/03/13 - GTA V Screens 5

27/03/13 - GTA V Screens 6

27/03/13 - GTA V Screens 7

27/03/13 - GTA V Screens 8

27/03/13 - GTA V Screens 9

27/03/13 - GTA V Screens 10

Grand Theft Auto V remains set for release on September 17th, 2013.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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