Final Fantasy XI Seekers of Adoulin Trailer

By SgtDigglesworth, 5 years ago
Back in 2006 Square-Enix released a little MMORPG on the Xbox 360 by the name of Final Fantasy XI. It was a very ambitious attempt for a console that still survives to this day as we can see with the recently announced 5th expansion, "Seekers of Adoulin".

The new expansion will feature new lands to explore, new jobs to pick-up and the seven hellions that Ulbuka's Wilds. Here is a look at what will be featured in the new expansion.

The additions of the: Ulbuka Continent and Sacred City of Adoulin that further expand on the FINAL FANTASY XI storyline
New and stronger monsters throughout the areas that span the Ulbuka Continent
New gameplay systems: such as player-built outposts, new contract work, and the introduction of special “power spots” that are hidden throughout the environment for powerful character enhancements
The new jobs will feature the Geomancers who harness the power of Vana'diel in order to be devine healers to their fellow fighters. The second job are known as, Rune Fencers. Much like a rogue, they use precision attacks with the speed and finesse by harboring the power of arcane runes.

Furthermore, world renowned Manga artist, Kazushi Hagiwara, has designed all of the new armour sets and weapons for the new jobs.

Here is a trailer for the expansion.

"Seekers of Adoulin" is available now!