Dante's Inferno Trials of St. Lucia DLC Out Now

By zigs00, 8 years ago
Trials of St. Lucia for Dante's Inferno has hit the Marketplace today, available for 800 MSP, and accompanied by 10 achievements worth 250G.

The content introduces new playable character St. Lucia of Syracuse, a "battle-ready angel" with all new moves and combos, and whose her narcissism shines through her self-portrait:

I am Lucia of Syracuse, patron saint of the blind – persecuted by my pagan suitor, eyes plucked from my head, my body tortured and defiled... Yet I have seen the glory in Paradise. I will be your protector, Dante, as you seek to find light out of your dark past. And I will prepare you for the challenge ahead. These are the Trials of Saint Lucia.
Also new to the DLC is the game editor, allowing you to create your own Combat Trials, allowing you "make levels based on new locations, create waves featuring new and existing Dante’s Inferno enemies, tune and script them, add traps, obstacles & aid… then upload and share your creations online!" You'll also be able to download and try out both EA-made and player-made Trials and try and earn rankings on the Inferno leaderboards.

The last significant addition to the DLC is online co-op play, allowing you to fight as Dante and St. Lucia alongside one another, adding another dimension to the gameplay, as well as competing in two-player Trials.

To download the DLC for yourself, check the external link below for the Xbox.com Marketplace, where you can purchase it and queue it up for download now.