Dark Gameplay Trailer Is Powerfully Vampiric

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
In the most recent gameplay trailer for Kalypso's upcoming stealth title Dark, we watched the various ways on how to traverese across the different locations in the game and how to deal with unfortunate enemies who may get in the way. In this newly released trailer, more dark, twisted, power-filled gameplay is revealed but with more focus on the abilities of the vampire this time round.

Players will be satisfying their thirst for blood with the game's main protaganist Eric Bane. Eric will be packing plenty of powers with 'Shadow' styles being a very popular form of power. Eric can move rapidly and remain undetected and cover a short distance with the use of his Shadow Leap. Using the blood of his victims to his own advantage, Eric can use a vampiric style of night vision known as 'Auspex', which allows him to detect enemies in the dark thanks to the blood pumping through their bodies. Shadow Kill, Shadow Grip and Domination are a few more of Eric's powers that are also on show in this new gameplay trailer:

Dark is currently scheduled for release in June 2013.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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