Ascend: New Gods Introduces the Gods

By Lexley Ford, 5 years ago
Last week saw the closed beta officially announced for Ascend: New Gods. Now, Signal Studios have released details on the Gods you will be able to choose to serve in their upcoming action title.

The Dark Goddess

Dark Goddess

The Goddess of Darkness may be beautiful, but her seductive charms only serve to ensnare the hearts of men in her web of corruption and deceit. Her Caos are fearsome warriors of destruction who spread news of her glory with blood, blade, and fire.

Choose the Dark alignment to master your enemies with fire magic, earning evil, bloody armor and spells that enhance melee damage for your might in battle
The Void God

Void God

A master of the in-between, the God of Void governs the borders of life and death, blurs the line between reality and illusion, and settles among clarity and madness. Like the emptiness of nothing, he is an enigma. Not much is known about his true intention, form, or even name. Taking delight only in the mockery and disruption of both Gods and humans alike, his ever-twisting agenda is for his own inscrutable purposes.

Choose the Void alignment to wield ice magic against your enemies, earning mysterious, inhuman armor and spells that enhance your magical prowess for your dedication.
The Light God

Light God

The God of Light is a fierce God, beneficent to his loyal followers and terrible to his enemies. Patron of thunderheads, he is temperamental, and rules the land with the ferocity and devastation of the mightiest storm.

Choose the Light alignment to battle your enemies with lightning magic, earning gleaming, winged armor and special abilities that enhance armor vitality for your efforts.
You’ll be able to join the side of Light, Void, or the Dark when Ascend: New Gods smashes its way onto XBLA sometime later this year.
Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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