Gears of War: Judgment Gets DLC Early

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Gamers were supposed to wait four more days before the first piece of DLC for Gears of War: Judgment was due to emerge. However, Epic thought that we deserved a treat and has released the "Haven DLC Pack" for download today. The pack includes one new multiplayer map, Haven, and the return of a fan-favourite game mode, Execution. Haven is an ancient monastery in the Azura mountains. The area was a tropical oasis but, thanks to the magic of climate change and tectonic shifts on Planet Sera, the monastery now sits amongst a frozen wasteland. The map has an asymmetrical circular layout with all paths leading back to the centre.


Epic has created two special playlists for both Haven and Execution, both of which will feature 2XP for a limited period. Those gamers who hold a VIP pass will be treated to 3XP within these playlists also for a limited period. The co-developer has also released a title update for the game. Here is the list of bug fixes and gameplay improvements that have been made:

• Various dedicated server improvements.
• Players no longer get stuck in the main menu background after playing three random matches.
• Locusts no longer spawn at the second E-Hole on the first wave of Island.
• Players will no longer get stuck inside of a Boom Shield that has been planted by an enemy player.
• Players will no longer able to look down the scope with a Markza while holding a Meat Shield.
• If a Locust destroys an objective at the same time the timer runs out in OverRun using Mercy rules, the match will not end early.
• Fix for exclamation points not disappearing after viewing an unlocked character.
• While holding a Meat Shield you will only need to tap B to melee.
• The Meat Shield will now drop if you switch to the snub.
• The “Spray and Pray” ribbon can now be earned in the first round.
• If the Boom Shield is disabled in weapon swap you will no longer see the icon in Tac-Com.
• You will now earn the Team Savior ribbon for reviving three individual teammates in a single life.
• Players can no longer chainsaw another player while holding the Boom Shield.
• Improvements to the Hammer of Dawn targeting.
• You will now see XP tallies between matches.
"Haven DLC Pack" is free and can be downloaded from here. Epic advises that players download the DLC pack directly from the Xbox 360 dashboard or through as the in-game dialogue box is not working properly. The team are working to fix this as soon as possible.

MAXIM are also due to sponsor a second map, Capitol. Although we know that the map will be free, we don't have any further details or a release date for the content. We'll be sure to bring you this information when we find it.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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