Matt Hazard Returns Again!

By GameTagwastaken, 10 years ago
In case you are not familiar with the back story of Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, let me explain a little before you read further. Matt Hazard is a formerly glorious video game character now stuck making bad games (not to be confused with Mario or Sonic). His previous hits like A Fistful of Hazard, The Adventures of Matt in Hazard Land, Matt Hazard 3D, You Only Live 1317 Times, Haz-Matt Carts, and Choking Hazard: Candygram are all fictitious and none have ever seen the light of day in the real world.

This summer, D3 Publisher and Marathon Software (oops that's his fictional game company) Vicious Cycle Software are going to catch us up on what we missed with one of these games coming to Xbox Live Arcade. The "new" game will be an old-school sidescrolling action adventure. Release date, title, and cost are yet to be announced. I'm betting it might be his fictitious debut: The Adventures of Matt in Hazard Land. One can't help but wonder if we'll see more of these games if the franchise is a success; look at how well other spoof franchises have done such as "Scary Movie" and the Beastie Boys.