Skullgirls Test Out New Character Prototypes

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
After smashing their original target of $150K for their Indiegogo Campaign, Reverge Labs promised their would be additional characters to come for their XBLA fighter Skullgirls. The team have already been hard at work and have put together five new trailers showcasing the moves they have been working on so far.

Squigly and Big Band were the first two characters who were revealed in the previous Skullgirls story, as we checked out a screen and chunk of details for each. There’s also Robo-Fortune, who will share similarities with Ms. Fortune, but will have a new play style to make her unique.

That leaves two characters 'to be determined'. Isaac, Molly, Eliza, Feng, and Scythana are among this cast of mystery characters. All have their new moves and combos shown off in these new trailers. Check out the upcoming moves in action as original characters from the title are used as volunteers to perform the new combos. Also have a read of the details provided for each one video too:


Isaac's proposed mechanic is time travel.

In this example, a double appears from the future with an attack, and after five seconds have gone by Isaac returns to the past to deliver the attack. If the double is hit, Isaac takes the damage when he returns to the past, and if Isaac is prevented from returning to the past the enemy regains any life they lost from the attack. The double's attack has no startup or recovery on Isaac himself and hits instantly, allowing it to be used completely without fear.

In a real version of this, Isaac might have a super where he disappears into time then reappears. He could use this to travel forward in time, giving himself a "free" double later. Or perhaps he could use it during the countdown, to eliminate the forced trip to the past.


One of Molly's proposed mechanics is "support DHCs".

In this example, rather than coming in with her super, Molly's super provides support for the point character in the form of adding life steal or extra damage to their move!

In a real version of this there would be other options, such as an air raid, and of course Molly will have supers she can come in with, like everyone else.


One of Eliza's proposed mechanics is control of her, uh, catsup.

In this example, Eliza produces...catsup...when she is hit, and she can perform a super to command the blobs to attack her opponent.

Fair warning - it may end up being sand.

In a real version of this Eliza would have many other things she can command her blobs to do, such as create creatures, grab the opponent, or possibly even heal herself.


Feng's proposed mechanic is her two avian helpers, which she would be able to place on the stage to control her air trajectory.

In this example the grey one attracts her toward it when she presses Punch, and the red one repulses her when she presses Kick. Each bird changes color so you can see when it is in use.

In a real version of this, they would only be able to be used for a limited amount of time before becoming tired and returning to Feng to recharge.


One of Scythana's proposed mechanics is interacting with KO'd bodies.

In this example, she picks up Filia and whacks the opponent with her. Holding Filia gives Scythana's standing Hard Punch much more range and a ground bounce, allowing her to combo into an attack she normally couldn't.

In a real version of this, there would be substantially more Scythana could do, such as gaining access to completely new attacks or throwing the body. Additionally, she can pick up her own teammates after they are KO'd.

Despite not having a release set for these characters just yet, each character will be free for three months upon release and then 400 MSP each after the free time is up. As soon as we have a solid release date for these Skullgirls DLC characters, we'll be sure to let you all know.
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