Thief Trailer Creeps In

By Chewie, 5 years ago
A few days ago, we brought you a teaser trailer for Eidos Montréal and Square Enix's upcoming franchise reboot of popular sneak-em-up, Thief, which was announced at the beginning of March.

The teaser hinted at more to come on April 2nd and the creators have lived up to that promise by delivering a trailer for the title, featuring Garrett, the morally-ambiguous, cool as heck anti-hero, doing what he lives for: stealing from the rich and giving to himself. The trailer also suggests that Garrett will no longer be voiced by series regular, Stephen Russell, but nothing regarding the voice cast has been officially confirmed yet.

Thief is due for a 2014 release. Whether this will include the Xbox 360 as well as the next-gen consoles is still unknown.
Credit for this story goes to UVG MrSM
Written by Chewie
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