Sacred Citadel Reveals Their Final Character

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
Three characters have been revealed and detailed so far for Southend Interactive's upcoming side-scrolling action brawler, Sacred Citadel. So far we've seen the Safari Warrior, the Khukuri Shaman, and the Ancarian Ranger, with each character offering their own unique set of offensive attacks, combos, equipment and skills.

The fouth character revealed exclusively to Playstation Blog is the Seraphim Mage. Armed with a spell book or a wand in her hand, the Seraphim is a representative of the Mage class who likes to keep her distance and use her specialization in magic to attack enemies. Her magic deals elemental damage thanks to the use of elements such as ice and fire.

Check out these screens of the "special and dear" Seraphim Mage in action and then witness the magical devastation in the new trailer as the Mage looks like she really wouldn't need to keep her distance in battle with her sheer power!

4/4/13 - Mage Screens 01

4/4/13 - Mage Screens 2

4/4/13 - Mage Screens 3

As you'll see in the blog entry from Deep Silver, Sacred Citadel remains without a solid release date or price for the XBLA version of the title. However, with these particular details being revealed for the PSN version, we can take a rough estimate at the game possibly being released on April 16th for 1200 MSP.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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