Three New Playable Characters for Sanctum 2

By Keith Gray, 5 years ago
In Sanctum, the indie tower defense title developed by Coffee Stain Studios, gamers had to contend with only having one playable character available. The main protagonist, Skye, had to fend off hordes of aliens by herself in order to protect her home town from destruction.

Skye, and gamers alike, will be happy to hear that she will not have to face the enemy alone in the upcoming sequel, Sanctum 2. XBLAFans has exclusively revealed that Skye will be accompanied by three more playable characters who are new to the franchise, with each squad member bringing their own set of unique skills to the fight. The credentials of Skye, Haigen, SiMo and Sweet are laid out below.


...Years have passed and she [Skye] now has more scars and an even more badass attitude. She’s the most veteran Core Guardian, leader of the squad, and is fast, versatile, has the natural ability to double-jump and is very good with rapid fire weapons

We now also have Haigen Hawkins joining the Core Guardian squad. Haigen is the strong, silent and durable tanking engineer. We wanted a close combat character, but we didn’t want him to be your everyday G.I. Joe with a bunch of muscles. Haigen Hawkins is the high HP close-combat brawler, but what makes him specialized at close combat is his strong and durable armor suit, as he is a quite skinny engineer underneath. Haigen has about twice the hitpoints compared to the other core guardians, and does more damage the close he is to an enemy

SiMo is the long-range specialist of Sanctum 2. Being a robot, he has very steady hands and is excellent at handling the sniper rifle. He might not always understand humans perfectly, and he is a bit awkward sometimes in his own way, but he’s well liked and an invaluable asset to the Core Guardian team. SiMo does more damage for every weakspot hit he gets, so if he is played by a skillful player, he can raise his damage multiplier for some really big numbers, which makes him excellent at taking down big and armored enemies

Sweet is the little sister of Skye. She’s just as dangerous and deadly as her big sis, but has a much more playful personality. Sweet is still very young at heart and prefers to draw doodles on her armor or ride on SiMo’s shoulders instead of doing boring planning ahead like her sister. Her sturdy exo-skeleton makes her able to withstand the recoils of her huge REX launcher, and you can often see her bouncing around the battlefield laughing like a kid in the middle of a sugar-rush while blasting huge groups of enemies to pieces. Sweet can jump really high, has great air-control and is excellent at making things explode. She loads all her weapons with napalm rounds that do additional damage over time and is just as deadly as she is playful
Sanctum 2 is expected to release on the XBL Arcade during 2013.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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