In-Depth Look at the Characters of Killer is Dead

By SgtDigglesworth, 5 years ago
Gematsu recently got the low down on some of the main villains, scantily-clad characters and wacked-out enemies that will be featured in Grasshopper Manufacturers upcoming release, Killer is Dead.

Let's get a little more personal with some of the wonderous personas found in Killer is Dead:

KD April 4th

All we know is that she is a nurse, a very provocatively dressed nurse who supposedly carries a huge syringe filled with a glowing liquid. Her purpose thus far is unknown, except that she will randomly appear wielding a syringe. What is all the hub-bub surrounding this syringe?

Giant Head:
KD April 4th

Another character who is very elusive when it came to official government documents or a dating profile. Giant Head looks to be a cybernetically enhanced stay puft marshmallow man with a raging temper.

Bryan Roses:
KD April 4th

Ever wonder what happend to the Dos Equis fella? Anyway, Bryan, real name Unsho Ishizuka, hails from the United States of America and is 65 years of age. When not sipping fine wine and reminiscing about his days as an Executioner, he lends a helping hand to aid Mondo in capturing baddies in the form of his "Bryan Turret".

KD April 4th

There is not much that is known about Damon, other than that he has wormy-like liquorice oozing out of his face which is the by-product of changing himself into a "wire".

KD April 4th

Victor harnesses the power to manipulate emotions through a special ability of song. He uses this power to reach into the soul of man and play heart stings like Manson did for The Beach Boys until they turn into hate-breeding maniacs who live to do his bidding. He also enjoys pinochle and crocheting.

KD April 4th

Ninja is a fully-flegged "wire", unlike Damon who is still a work-in-progress, who is quick, nimble, and deadly with a shortsword and sai. On his days off from trying to kill Mondo he practices all forms of finesse by jumping over a candle stick.

Mika Takekawa:
KD April 4th

This 20 year old's birth name is Aki Toyosaki and she was born in Japan on a sunny day filled with birds chirping. Currently she enjoys making food, especially soft-boiled eggs for Mondo and living her days as his assistant. A quirky fact about Mika is that one of her favourite words is "fangirlish", whether this will ever make it into the Merriam-Webster dictionary is unknown, but there is no harm in trying.

Vivianne Squall:
KD April 4th

Yuhko Kaida is a 25 years-old and is from the U.K. She is a a top-tier executioner who prides herself on using the "Vivianne Phantom", which allows her to wield 16 pistols at a time. Whenever Mondo is in dire-straits she will appear riding her motorcycle and aid him in whatever way is possible. During her downtime you can find her at karaoke bars singing "Bye, Bye, Birdie" and sipping saki.

KD April 4th

Ryotaro Okiayu is a 35 year-old playboy who is originally from the U.S. of A. and wields a katana in one-hand and a sweet little prostethic limb that allows him to implement multiple attachments. When he is not fighting criminals, this famed executioner is known as "The Man" or "That Guy", and you can find him tweeting his blog: "How to Pick-up Ladies the Mondo Way."

Killer is Dead is set to release sometime in the Summer of this year.