XBLA Wednesday: May 5th, 2010

By zigs00, 8 years ago
This week we'll see two new titles on the LIVE Arcade:

World Love Organization - 1200 MSP
The classic shooting game returns with the original gameplay and newly updated graphics in RAYSTORM HD. You control the R-GRAY, a fighter plane equipped with a lock-on laser system, and battle your way through eight stages. A variety of game modes includes Arcade Mode and Extra Mode, with four selectable planes including the untested new R-GEAR. Rankings can be registered, and replay data can be uploaded and downloaded online.
- 1200 MSP
In the land of Zenozoik, the city of Halstedom is ruled by a powerful clan, one which Ghat has betrayed by killing Father-Mother, the clan's leader. As Ghat, fight your way through your former brothers and sisters, crazed individualists, and worse in order to escape in the unique first-person puncher Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition. The bare-knuckled brawl to reach the truth has just begun.
As always, both games will be available this Wednesday!

Major Nelson also confirmed that last week's Game Room titles will be arriving this Wednesday too, after a problem with them turning up last week. Just to remind you, those titles are: Basketball, Megamania, Night Stalker, Pitfall!, Rack ‘Em Up, Realsports Volleyball and Super Breakout.