Go Indie For A Chance To Win 10,000 MSP (US)

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
We all like prizes. We all like big, fat juicy, 'woah momma' prizes.

They don't come much fatter and juicy than the prize on offer from Dead Pixel Arcade. 10,000 MSP (US) to be precise. (That's right my European and International chums, US based MSP).

To win, you need to be the holder of the World Record (1st on the You Will Die leaderboards) on the 1st August 2010. There's also prizes on offer for second and third place respectively however.

1st Place on the You Will Die Twin Galaxies Scoreboard : 10,000 MS Points card
2nd Place on the You Will Die Twin Galaxies Scoreboard : 1,600 MS Points card
3rd Place on the You WIll Die Twin Galaxies Scoreboard : 400 MS Points card
Dead Pixel Arcade muse this could be the largest prize fund ever offered by an Indie game/developer. They're most probably right.

You will of course need a copy of the Indie title (priced at 80MSP, Marketplace link given at the bottom of this article), and a shed load of patience are also recommended as a prerequisite. At the time of writing the current highest validated high score is over ten million.

There's an indepth FAQ of the competition available at their website too (http://www.twingalaxies.com/index.aspx?c=47).
Credit for this story goes to Outinthedark