More XCOM Details From 2K AU

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
Do you remember a while back when 2K AU announced it was to revive and reboot the XCOM series? (X-COM On Xbox)

There was much speculation in the comments that followed the article as to how 2K AUmight tackle the task of shifting a game from a 'tactical viewpoint' to that of FPS, and how the game might be structured.

Well some new information from 2K AU might help pad out some of the gaps in our knowledge about the upcoming title after they spoke to Official Xbox Magazine (OXM).

The hero of the hour will be a man named Carter. Missions will be spread out across America and the player will be able to choose the missions that they wish to embark on. 2K AU have said that mission selection will effect the course of gameplay. For example, the events that unravel in one mission may affect another potential mission making it 'missable'.

Carter will be accompanied on each mission by at least two FBI agents (AI controlled) though no squad control system has been mentioned or demonstrated, as of yet at least. 2K AU say the levels will be huge and require much exploration in order to come to grips with all of the intelligence and Elerium present in each.

By Elerium, 2KAU are referring to the currency of the game. Collecting enough Elerium and returning it to your base of operations allows you to upgrade your weaponry and develop new more hostile solutions to the alien threat.

So what about the alien threat? OXM encounter was that of 'gooey blobs', [insert generic ugly fat celebrity joke here] which are able to regenerate and combine together, or split into multiple hostiles to give you a real headache. There's also an appearance of a giant alien 'Death Ray', which would appear to be what the original XCOM screenshot showed (

You can't say you're surprised, all the biggest alien breeds seem to have a Death Ray, even right the way back in The War Of The Worlds with the Heat Ray, it's standard practice, you know?

Two weapons you can wield have been revealed, namely the shotgun and incendiary hand vials. The vials are filled with the 'gooey blob' material and rigged to explode. When the vial is thrown at the enemy, the substance attempts to reform itself with the main body of goo, (ala The Terminator) but suffers an explosive and fiery fate instead.

2K AU have also confirmed the return of the photographic research element seen in BioShock. Taking pictures of enemies, anomalies and victims will allow you to build a catalog of research which will help you in your quest to destroy the alien threat.

As for the Xbox LIVE multiplayer element, 2K AU are remaining tight lipped saying that at this stage they are committed to the single player experience, but they are open to the idea.

It sounds like it's set to be a dark experience (judging by the engines and atmospherics used in BioShock) and a game who's pace is dictated by the gamer depending on whether you want to bound from alien threat to alien threat or take your time and play detective with your FBI buddies

How does this sound to you old XCOM gamers, and XCOM newcomers alike?