Free MiniClip WP and Win 8 Games [UPDATE]

By SgtDigglesworth,
There is always a place in people's hearts for the sound of free being in the same sentence as games. For those of you who own a Windows Phone 7 or 8, that time for you has arrived as MiniClip just announced a limited time offer of FREE for select titles.

Here is the list of WP titles you can download:

Gravity Guy (WP) - FREE
Monster Island (WP) - FREE
iStunt 2 (WP) - FREE
Fragger (WP) - FREE

Wait, there is more! Those of you who with Windows 8 also get some free titles for you to play on your laptop or PC:

Gravity Guy (Win 8) - FREE
iStunt 2 (Win 8) - FREE
Monster Island (Win 8) - FREE

Edit: Since the publication of this article, JackX289 has pointed out that the Windows Phone sale ends on April 15th. We can only assume that the Windows 8 sale ends on the same day, so proceed with caution and take the term 'limited' as "I should purchase this game before I finish reading this article!"

Thank you to ALL of the community members who sent this story in!!