Wheelman to be joint published

By GameTagwastaken, 10 years ago
It's good news/bad news for Midway Games this week. First, the good news!
As I reported last week in the article Rumor: Wheelman switching from Midway to Ubisoft, rumors were flying that Ubisoft would be publishing Wheelman instead of the financially troubled Midway which would result in the game being significantly delayed. Those rumors are only half true. The game will be joint-published by Midway and Ubisoft. Midway will continue oversight of the development of the title and retain rights to the franchise. Ubisoft will do the legwork as far as publishing and marketing.

It is currently schedule to arrive on March 24th in North America and March 27th in Europe.

In related news, which falls under the 'bad news' header, G4 is reporting that Midway's stock has been delisted from the New York Stock Exchange for failing to close over $1 for 30 consecutive trading days. Midway is still operating while awaiting a bankruptcy court ruling as to the final fate of the company.