MotoGP 13 Gameplay Video Races In

By SgtDigglesworth, 5 years ago
Since the announcement for MotoGP 13 we have seen the game modes detailed and a speedy gameplay trailer.

Today, we shall take a gander at the multiple camera angles available within this long running racing franchises new addition through the miracle of a gameplay video.

3rd Person: This is the game’s default riding view with the camera set behind and above the rider. It displays a satisfying and authentic light shaking and wind noise when racing at high speeds. This is a customisable view, with the distance between the camera and the bike being adjustable during gameplay.
Cockpit: In this view the camera sits in front of the rider, almost on his lap and shows the swinging cockpit of the bike.
Helmet: This offers the most realistic view, with the camera inside the rider’s helmet, giving you an accurate, real-life perspective of the track through the eyes of the rider.
MotoGP 13 will available at some point this June.