Bethesda Details Dishonored Patch Ahead of New DLC

By Keith Gray, 5 years ago
Last month, Bethesda confirmed that more DLC content, titled "The Knife of Dunwall", would be arriving soon for its successful stealth-action title, Dishonored.

It's now less than a week until "The Knife of Dunwall" will stab a hole in gamers' wallets, but Bethesda want to ensure that any damage to your coffers is well worth it. In anticipation of the new content, the publisher has detailed a patch update for the game. The patch will serve two purposes; first, ensuring that "The Knife of Dunwall" content is adequately supported, and secondly, repairing a number of bugs that still exist in the main game and the "Dunwall City Trials" DLC. The changelog details are as follows:

New Features

> Adds support for Dishonored’s upcoming add-on, "The Knife of Dunwall"

Bug Fixes ("Dunwall City Trials" DLC)

> Fixes a bug in Back Alley Brawl challenge where live grenade remains in player’s hand when restarting match
> Fixes a rare bug in Back Alley Brawl challenge where restarting match while cooking grenade causes disabled left hand
> Fixes a rare bug in Back Alley Brawl challenge where you can fall down into The Void
> Fixes a rare bug in Back Alley Brawl challenge where being killed by player killed by Warfare Overseers will restart challenge with lowered health
> Fixes a bug in both the Back Alley Brawl and Bend Time Massacre challenges where a Headshot bonus is not awarded if an NPC dies after Bend Time II effects end
> Fixes a bug in Bend Time Massacre challenge where Explosive Pistol does not count as an explosive kill
> Fixes a bug in Bend Time Massacre challenge where achieving the Power Combo bonus using Blink is awarding 2 kills
> Fixes a rare bug in Bend Time Massacre challenge where you are unable to possess Nobles after firing gun through glass
> Fixes a rare bug in Bend Time Massacre challenge where restarting as the Bend Time effect ends causes the round to complete with zero score and a black screen
> Fixes a rare bug where you can inadvertently receive the Time Management achievement after failing to get the bonus
> Fixes a rare crash in Bend Time Massacre challenge during Waiting For Effects sequence
> Fixes a bug in Thief (Expert) challenge where key inventory is not reset when restarting from completion
> Fixes a rare bug in Kill Chain challenge where countdown timer will stop after killing some enemies

Bug Fixes (Dishonored)

> Fixes a bug on where you receive a kill in Player/Mission stats if sliding into Slackjaw after freeing him
> Fixes a bug where City Watch does not leave attack posture when rewiring an arc pylon
> Fixes a bug in Overseer Backyard where player could get stuck on chain
> Fixes a collision issue when Corvo drowns
> Fixes a bug where navigation in Piero’s shop was difficult when only one weapon upgrade remains
> Fixes a bug in Overseer mission where loading autosave created after actioning poison causes Campbell & Curnow to run
> Fixes Player/Mission Stats bugs
> Fixes a bug in Lighthouse where patrols are broken and there’s no sound after reloading a save game in low chaos
> Fixes a bug where Specter Achievement does not activate upon completing requirements in Brothel
> Fixes a UI bug where turning off Health/Mana gauge show gauges when powers are used via hotkey
> Fixes a rare crash when signing out of your profile
Patch Update v1.3 is intended for release "this week", so you should be automatically prompted to download the fixes the first time you pop Dishonored into your console after the changes become available. The wait for "The Knife of Dunwall" DLC is almost over, as the story expansion will be available on April 16th, priced at 800 MSP.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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