Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons Screenshots

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons will see players controlling two unnamed brothers as they travel to find the Water of Life. Both characters have their own strengths and weaknesses that will need to be utilised if players are to solve the puzzles that they encounter, explore thoroughly and defeat the large enemies that get in their way. Each joystick will control one brother, so players will have to be extremely co-ordinated to succeed.

Microsoft has revealed a handful of new screenshots for the upcoming XBLA title:

11/4/13 Screen 1

11/4/13 Screen 2

11/4/13 Screen 3

11/4/13 Screen 4

11/4/13 Screen 5

11/4/13 Screen 6

11/4/13 Screen 7

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons is due to be released this spring.
Rebecca Smith
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