The Smurfs 2 Announced

By Chewie, 5 years ago
In preparation for the upcoming film release of The Smurfs 2, Sony Pictures and Ubisoft have announced an upcoming tie-in game, The Smurfs 2, which will be an action-adventure platformer featuring the little blue men (and woman).

Developed by Ubisoft and Wayforward Technologies, the game will follow the plot of the film and take the Smurfs across 30 levels in six unique worlds, from the Enchanted Forest to New York and Paris, to exclusive game locations such as the Arctic Tundra and Lava Jungle.

The game will feature single player and up-to-four player co-op action, with players able to choose from nine different Smurfs each with their own moves, such as Papa Smurf's stunning magic potions and Grouchy Smurf's angry stomp.

12/04/13 - Screen 4

12/04/13 - Screen 5

12/04/13 - Screen 6

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The Smurfs 2 will be released in Europe on July 19th and North America on July 23rd.
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