Spend Saturday Night With Rockstar

By Dog of Thunder,
Rockstar loves their fans. They love them so much, that this Saturday, Rockstar wants to celebrate every multiplayer title they have released for the 360 in one, day long event. Not only can you follow along with the official Rockstar Xbox 360 stream, but you can even play with members of the studio. Rockstar will be streaming and playing the following games, with all times presented as EDT:

Rockstar MP event 4/12

For times in your specific timezone, log onto the Rockstar Games Social Club and a helpful countdown timer will let you know when the party starts in your region. Take part by playing one of the participating games, and you may be one of three lucky winners to be sent a prize package that will consist of the following items:

Rockstar MP event 4/12

Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption will also have 3x XP activated all weekend, and though it doesn't appear to be running just yet, the XP will be available through Sunday, so you will have plenty of time to become Legendary. The Max Payne 3 playlists have also been updated and are sporting two brand new modes: Last Man Standing and Team Last Man Standing, both of which have been permanently added to the game.

So, will you be partying like a rockstar with Rockstar this weekend?

Thanks to all the community members who sent this in!