Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero DLC for May [UPDATED]

By Aeris Gainzbrah,
The May DLC for Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero has been revealed. This is:

Classic Rock 3 Track Pack - May 6th
Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Sweet Home Alabama"
Steve Miller Band - "Take the Money and Run"
Foreigner - "Juke Box Hero"

Alternative Pop Track Pack - May 11th
Alpha Rev - "Face Down"
Capra - "Low Day"
Snow Patrol - "You're All I Have"

Aerosmith Track Pack - May 18th

"Livin' On The Edge"
"Love In An Elevator"
"Rag Doll"

Band Hero 1 Track Pack - May 25th
Miley Cyrus - "7 Things”
Demi Lovato - “Here We Go Again”
Selena Gomez & the Scene - “Falling Down”
Despite it's slightly misleading name, the Band Hero 1 Track Pack is compatible with Guitar Hero 5.

Each of these packs is 440MSP, or you can buy the tracks individually for 160MSP each.

All tracks are masters!

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