Twisted Pixel Bundle Out Now For a Special Price

By litepink,
The Twisted Pixel Bundle was revealed to us just a few weeks ago. To recap, the bundle contains four XBLA games in one package: The Maw, Splosion Man, Comic Jumper, and Ms. Splosion Man. All four games are generally regarded as some great XBLA fun, all with trademark Twisted Pixel humor and style.

Twisted Pixel Bundle

When will it come out? More importantly, how much will it cost? Today we know the answer to both, as the Twisted Bundle has been released today on the Xbox Marketplace at a special, limited time price of 800 MSP. Individually The Maw and both ’Splosion Man titles are regularly offered for 800 MSP, and Comic Jumper is 1200 MSP. Despite some recent promos and past sales on some of these titles, 800 MSP for all four is still quite the steal if you ask me!

One other burning question among achievement hunters is if the bundle would feature a separate, stackable achievement list. There’s good news and bad news. First the bad: it does not feature a new achievement list. The good, however, is that this is a first of its kind XBLA bundle, in which one digital purchase will grant you multiple downloads with no need of a central hub or anything. Microsoft promises that future bundles are on the way as well. Check out the following video from Microsoft Studios as they explain how the bundle works.

As mentioned, this is an introductory price for a limited time, so it may be going up in the near future. You can grab the Twisted Bundle here for 800 MSP.
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