Forza Horizon Gets a Title Update

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Yesterday, Forza Horizon players may have noticed a new title update for the game. Turn10 Studios has revealed the bug fixes and gameplay improvements that were included within. Check out the list:

1. Fixing bogus times posted on various Forza Horizon leaderboards. These leaderboard events include Edifice Carson Challenge, Montano Plains Stage 4, as well as a number of street races, among others. All bogus times have been removed from the affected leaderboards.
2. A Photo Mode bug that prevented reflection maps from appearing on cars if the photo was taken when the player entered Photo Mode from either the cockpit, hood, or bumper game cameras. This bug was spotted by Forza community member Mattia Casa. Grazie mille, Mattia!
3. Also in the “You Talk, We Listen” department, we have reduced the frequency of Alice Hart’s voiceover lines, specifically the ones where she reminds you to spend your credits on cars. We still love Alice, but we’ll be hearing less from her from now on.
4. You can now purchase the “Fast Travel Anywhere” feature in Forza Horizon. The “Fast Travel Anywhere” feature unlocks the ability to instantly travel anywhere on the map, not just to Horizon Outposts.

Other fixes include a bug that prevented upgraded cars from being de-optimized for eligibility in open-class Monthly Rivals events, as well as improvements to game stability when customizing shared cars at Outposts.
Players may also have noticed a pack of new DLC achievements appearing on their profiles earlier this week. Rumours are circulating that the DLC will be free and will be released on Tuesday, but Turn10 are yet to confirm anything on the game's official website, Facebook or Twitter. We'll bring you more information as we get it.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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