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By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
There's not a whole lot of experiences that can compare to the thrill and pure rush of dominating a pack of win-hungry opponents in a gruelling, paint-scratching, car-totalling race to find out who's the best driver. Codemasters are set to deliver these adrenaline-filled times with their upcoming racer GRID 2 and, to give us a bit more of an insight on what's to come with the multiplayer side of the game, the developer has released plenty of new information covering the multiplayer features, as well as a few new screens and an all-new gameplay trailer too.

'RaceNet' will be GRID 2's "beating heart" behind the multiplayer of the game. The website will serve as an extension to the online world of the upcoming racer and allow players to check out stats, rivals, rewards, stats from the community, global challenges and much more.

14/4/13 - GRID 2 Screens 7

As for the multiplayer modes themselves, the modes that are to be included with the game have also been revealed. Codemasters have revealed that gamers will be able to dive into a quick race, take their time to master the art of all forms of racing to become lethal in all the racing disciples, or just have a blast with a friend in a bit of couch competitiveness with some split-screen racing.

Game modes: Race (Including LiveRoutes™), Endurance, Drift, Touge, Checkpoint, Face Off, Time Attack. Global Challenge events also includes Overtake and Power Lap.
14/4/13 - GRID 2 Screens 4

With up to 12 players battling it out amongst the race types already on offer, or races chopped and changed with custom rules, racers will be squaring off against opponents with the same preferences, as the option to put together a preferred playlist will be available. Before you fire up your beast-mobile, an important factor to many racers will be how their vehicle looks! Even though the livery editor is set to come with simple designs, "6 billion different combinations" will be available for players to put together as they work on impressive pieces of art in an effort to leave a long-term impression on their rivals as they try to leave them behind in a cloud of exhaust smoke.

14/4/13 - GRID 2 Screens 6

Are you the type of racer who prefers to keep their paintwork and car-visuals in prestine condition, or does it not matter to you if you give other cars a little bump here and there? Well, whatever your answer may be, the "new anti-griefing technology" looks to keep racers within their respective group. Dirty, car-crushing, side-swiping drivers will be likely to be matched up with other racers of similar driving style, while clean racers will receive the same treatment and square off against other like-minded racers. Whether or not there will be some sort of symbol or colour to represent a drivers 'cleanliness' is still yet to be seen. Codemasters' older racing title, DiRT 3, came with this feature and allowed drivers to be aware of who had a bad reputation when it came to dirty or clean racing.

14/4/13 - GRID 2 Screens 2

Along with the tough competition will be new rivals. Codemasters give us a few details on how the rival system will work:

GRID 2 Rivals
Gamers will always have someone to play and always have a new challenge with GRID 2’s Rivals system, powered by RaceNet. GRID 2 features three types of Rivals:

• Weekly Rival: RaceNet automatically selects a weekly Rival to compete against based on ability and activity in game to ensure a well-matched challenger.

• Social Rival: Players can choose Social Rivals from friends or players previously raced.

• Custom Rival: Players can select a Custom Rival based on parameters including event type or geographical location.
14/4/13 - GRID 2 Screens 8

As much as we will want to wipe the race floor with our rivals, they're not always going to be online at the same time as we are. Never fear, as Codemasters have Global Challenges to keep the rivalries rolling whether your rival is on or offline. Up to "nine weekly Global Challenges" will be available and successfully completing these challenges will reward the player with XP, in-game cash and RaceNet followers. Keep up with your global challenge progress either in-game or via RaceNet.

14/4/13 - GRID 2 Screens 3

Players taking part in the large variety of races on offer, winning matches and defeating their rivals will gain RaceNet Followers. Followers can even be stolen from your rivals by beating them in weekly global challenges and "gained on RaceNet by taking part in online events, participating in Community Challenges and completing RaceNet objectives".

Gamers can also unlock RaceNet Rivals cards on the site to show off Follower Achievements and RaceNet will showcase players with the most amount of Followers.
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14/4/13 - GRID 2 Screens 11

Last, but most certainly not least from this huge release of details, dominating, winning, and pulling off fancy moves in races just wouldn't be the same unless we could watch the action over again and show it off to our friends and the community. GRID 2 will allow players to upload their best clips to YouTube and to RaceNet from within the game, as well as share their videos through Facebook and Twitter.

14/4/13 - GRID 2 Screens 9

14/4/13 - GRID 2 Screens 10

Showcasing and speaking on all of the details revealed so far, with the additions of commentary and new gameplay, this new video clocks in at just over an hour long as Ian and Lee from RaceNet breakdown the many features to come with GRID 2's multiplayer:

GRID 2 remains set for release on May 28th for North America, and May 31st for Europe.
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