NHL 14 Announced

By Jonathan Barnes, 5 years ago
As the resident hockey nut on the Newshound team (the fact that SgtDigglesworth is Canadian does him no favors), I am genuinely excited to bring EA's announcement of NHL 14 to the front page.

The game (currently in development by EA Canada) is set to deliver some new features that are sure to excite puckheads. First and foremost is NHL Collision Physics, which has been built from FIFA’s Player Impact Engine. Fans of pugilism will also be excited to hear about the new Enforcer Engine, which is powered by the same technology used in the Fight Night franchise. "Be a Pro Career Mode" also makes a triumphant return, allowing you to create your own hockey star and guide him to and through the life of a hockey pro. Finally, this Frankenstein creation of awesomeness gets topped off with the second season of True Performance Skating engine which will allow you to tweak a few groins with the addition of One-Touch Dekes.

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Dean Richards, General Manager, NHL, EA SPORTS was so excited about this annual announcement that he had to expound upon the game's merits:

We’re very proud of the history of innovation that the EA SPORTS NHL franchise has produced on this console generation, and this year we’re amplifying that innovation by leveraging technology from teams like FIFA and Fight Night. This year fans will feel the speed, skill and aggression of NHL hockey like never before, powered by some of the best EA SPORTS technology to create the best game we could ever imagine.
The fun of this announcement doesn't stop at the obligatory press quote, though, we also have a trailer that you are expected to consume like a large pack of TimBits.

The always-contentious voting for NHL 14's cover will be opening on April 22nd on NHL.com. If the top cop on the force, Sergei Bobrovsky, doesn't win, I will start flipping tables, dropping gloves, and pulling sweaters.

NHL 14 is set to release on September 10th, 2013 in North America and September 13th in Europe.
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