Medal of Honor - October Release

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
EA have confirmed that the new Medal of Honor title (simply called Medal of Honor as the creativity department was on holiday that week) is coming to the Xbox 360 October 12th in the US, and October 15th everywhere else.

With development of the single player element being taken care of by EA: Los Angeles the multiplayer components are the product of DICE (responsible for Battlefield Bad Company 2's online elements).

Whilst details surrounding the multiplayer are sketchy at best at the moment, the single player is said to revolve around a fictional mission in Afghanistan with the ultimate goal of saving the world, or some plot new and revolutionary like that.

Here's the official run down on what to expect from EA;

Operating directly under the National Command Authority, a relatively unknown entity of handpicked warriors are called on when the mission must not fail. They are the Tier 1 Operators.

Over 2 million Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines wear the uniform. Of those, approximately 50 thousand fall under the direct control of the Special Operations Command. The Tier 1 Operator functions on a plane of existence above and beyond even the most highly trained Special Operations Forces. Their exact numbers, while classified, hover in the low hundreds. They are living, breathing, precision instruments of war. They are experts in the application of violence. The new Medal of Honor is inspired by and has been developed with Tier 1 Operators from this elite community. Players will step into the boots of these warriors and apply their unique skill sets to a new enemy in the most unforgiving and hostile battlefield conditions of present day Afghanistan.

There is a new enemy. There is a new war. There is a new warrior. He is Tier 1.
Check out the announcement trailer and associated screens at the official site given in the link at the bottom of this article.