Dark Souls II Shield Design Competition

By Chewie, 5 years ago
Following the dev diary, trailer and screenshots that we recently brought you, publishers NAMCO BANDAI have now announced a competition for Dark Souls II, the sequel to rock hard RPG Dark Souls.

If you've ever been looking at a Medieval Kite Shield, Rondache or Buckler, or eyeing up a Roman's Scutum (don't let him see you), and thought 'I could do better than that', this competition gives the opportunity for you and other budding defense designers to create a shield to appear in the game and show everyone how it's done.

Entries can be submitted until May 13th, with voting lasting until May 20th. After that date, the most popular designs will be submitted to a judging panel made up of members of the game's developers at FromSoftware in Japan. A total of six winning shield designs will make it into the final game, with the winners announced at this Summer's San Diego Comic Con.

How to enter the Dark Souls II Shield Design Contest:

• Become a fan on the official Dark Souls II Facebook
• Check out the Shield Design Facebook application
• Download the blank shield template
• Create up to three original masterpieces of heraldic design
• Submit your finished designs via Facebook before May 20, 2013
Dark Souls II does not currently have a release date. FromSoftware & NAMCO BANDAI are currently subscribing to the old 'it'll be ready when it's ready' mantra.
Written by Chewie
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