Deadpool Releases Release Date

By Chewie, 5 years ago
There are nearly 50 games tracked here on Trueachievements with the word 'Dead' in the title, but there's only really one worth dying over. That game is Deadpool (Xbox 360), which features Deadpool as Deadpool in an action-shooter-stabber game full of action, shooting, stabbing and gameplay.

Amongst all of the awesomeness for the game revealed so far, we've brought you things like fact sheets and screens, interviews and screens, character reveals and screens, and a trailer. Oh, and here are some more screens.

18/04/13 - Screen 1

18/04/13 - Screen 2

18/04/13 - Screen 3

18/04/13 - Screen 4

18/04/13 - DLC 1

18/04/13 - DLC 2

Along with these ass-kicking images, Deadpool has revealed that the game will officially be released on June 25th in North America. The dates for other territories have yet to be confirmed. For those eager to pre-order the game, take a look at these bonuses that are available for pre-ordering at Amazon or GameStop.

18/04/13 - Pre-Order 1

18/04/13 - Pre-Order 2

Deadpool will be released on June 25th in North America. We'll be sure to let you know when the dates for other territories are announced.

Deadpool also had these words to say about the title:

That whole 'dying' over this game thing. That's a promise. wink
Written by Chewie
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