Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine Gameplay Trailer

By Keith Gray, 5 years ago
When Monaco: What's Yours is Mine was originally announced last October, two character classes, The Hacker and The Muscle, were also revealed.

Now, Pocketwatch Games has released a second gameplay trailer for the soon-to-arrive, top-down heist title. The latest footage shows that more characters will be at the scene of the crime to assist. As was explained before, each different character will have a very particular set of skills to deal with the varied enemies and obstacles that gamers will encounter.

The Locksmith, The Pickpocket, The Lookout, The Cleaner, The Gentleman, The Mole and The Redhead will all enter the fray to ensure that you can cope with anything the game's setting can throw at you. The security cameras at the crime scene have already caught them red-handed, so take this opportunity to see what they're capable of.

You'll have to get your friends organised soon to enjoy some frenetic 2-to-4-player coop action, as Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine will arrive on the XBLA on April 24th.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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