Indie Games Spotlight for April 21st, 2013

By mancide, 5 years ago
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Enter the exciting world of Arcade ownership! Play through the start of the 1980's arcade revolution by buying and placing video games for your customers to play! Customize your arcade to increase its popularity! Modify machine parameters, manage your finances, capitalize on newly released games, but beware of the events and pitfalls that could bankrupt you!

RELEASE DATE: 1/31/2013
DEVELOPER: firebase
GENRE: Strategy & Simulation

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Dolby Digital
ArcadeCraft puts you in the year 1980 when you have decided to join the hot video game arcade scene. You will start off by naming your arcade, to which Flynn's Arcade was promptly inputted, and purchasing your first machine.

You will need to keep your arcade's popularity high, to keep the money flowing. As you progress through the years, new arcade machines will be released and are available for you to purchase and add to your space. You can set the difficulty for all machines, change the price to play, and even add vending machines to help increase your revenue.

During your play, random "hot spots" will pop up in your arcade. Placing a machine on these spots increases the popularity for that machine as long as the spot is active. This can greatly help you during your initial years. Machines will break and need repairs, as well as suffer damage from unruly customers. You can even sell unpopular machines back to help fund future upgrades.

This is a pretty unique little sim game, and will bring back some memories for those gamers who were around during the arcade boom of the 80s. You can plug in the full version for only 80 MSP.

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